Goat Care

For those people just starting out with owning and caring for goats, I’ve created a list of basic items I use. I always provide the best alfalfa hay and orchard grass hay for my goats to eat at all times. Important! Goats need clean water at all times. They will refuse to drink water that is dirty and quickly dehydrate.

I feed this grain in the morning and the evening for pregnant or lactating goats. For dry goats I feed only occasionally.

This mineral is the best I’ve used. It keeps my goats healthy. It is always available inside the goat barn.

I use this when my goats are under stress, after birth, or any time their digestive system seems off.

I use Cylence for the control of lice, ticks, and flies. You just pour the correct amount down their back and the top of their head.

A regular schedule of hoof trimming is very important. If goats hooves grow out too long, they can cause the goat pain, and can even lead to foot or leg problems. I usually trim my goats hooves once every couple months. These shears are great for trimming hooves or nipping scurs. Mine usually only last about a year before it gets dull and needs to get replaced.