I have been gardening for years and have enjoyed the “fruits” of my labor. Gardening can be very time consuming and exhausting at times, however it is something that I have undertaken and want to improve in. I have at times wondered why I keep doing it because let me be honest, the harvest has been meager from some of the plants I have tried to grow.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

I’ve come to realize I probably have done some things that hard way. My goal now is to get ideas and try new things to make gardening easier and more fruitful.

Good Compost is Key

In the past I have always bought pre-made garden soil blends to use in my raised be garden beds. This was costly and I was not that impressed with some of the products I brought home and put in my beds.

Well…… since I began keeping goats a few years ago, I was accumulating quite a bit of wood chip waste (included their poop and wasted hay) from their barn cleanings. I just tossed this bedding out of their barn and didn’t really think much more about it. This changed this year however. I decided to dig under the top layer of the wood chip mixture and was surprised to see rich soil with tons of earthworms squirming around. I heard you know you have good soil if you have lots of worms living in it.

Wood chips mixed with hay and goat poop.
Compost on the way to a raised bed for cucumbers.
Tomato plants growing in 100% wood chip compost.
Cherry tomato plants
Zucchini plants

(To be continued)