Border Collies

Meet my border collies:






Scout became part of my family in the spring of 2016 when he was just 2 months old. I fell in love with him the moment I saw his picture. I had never owned a border collie before so I did some research before my final decision to bring him home. I knew this breed loves to herd livestock (or any other animal that moves), but I didn’t have anything at the time other than cats and chickens for him to practice on. I played catch with him as a young pup and learned he absolutely loved this game.

When Scout was around 4 months old, I decided to get him a buddy. That’s when I found Bella. I found her on Puppyfind online. Again it was love at first sight. Bella was born in Texas so she had to be flown to me when she was old enough to leave her dam. Scout and Bella soon bonded and became close buddies. Below is a picture of Scout and Bella as young pups.

Bella at 2 months old

2020 Litter

Sadie’s Puppies

2019 Litter

Born November 9, 2019.

5 weeks old

Puppies having fun (5 weeks old)

One of Bella and Scout’s past puppies as an adult.