New Beginnings…..

are sometimes intimidating. Being recently retired and made the move from California to Oklahoma, let’s just say it’s been an interesting transition. Adjusting from a state that had and is going through a drought and everything there is mostly brown, to here where everything is pretty much green has been an adjustment. And the storms!! Oklahoma has storms that will put the fear of God in you!! On the upside, all this green vegetation is perfect for raising healthy happy goats! Raising goats is something I began around 2014. I thought it would be great to have some fresh goat’s milk with the bonus of having cute little kids running around. It has been something that is far more fulfilling than I expected. My goats are like a part of my family. Each one has their own personality and habits. They make great pets and keep the grass/weeds down. All great reasons to keep goats. I hope my website inspires and helps those interested in keeping goats. Please leave feedback on my comments section.